Free Hosting

Hosting absolutely free for private and commercial use! It contains everything you need to run a professional and dynamic presentation. On Linux OS it offers support for PHP scripting, 1 GB of web space and 50 MB for MySQL database. A new standard is the support of operation on HTTPS with its own certificate from the trusted authority Let’s Encrypt. This version of the webhost does not contain email boxes.

Free | No ads | Free 2nd level domain | HTTPS support | No data transfer restrictions

The Hosting Free service can be operated in the following variants:

  • Operation on the 2nd order domain with the extension .tk. You will receive the .tk domain from us for free ordering! Free .tk domain registration is subject to confirmation by domain administrator.
  • Possibility of free operation on third-order domains: * | * | *
  • Possibility of operation on any second-order domain. You can either redirect this domain to our freehosting or register as part of a hosting order if you do not already own it.
  • Read our brief freehosting! rules
  • Due to the large number of freehosting orders, which are in conflict with the rules of service operation (see above), all orders are now manually checked. A welcome email with access data is sent after this check. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Hosting Free does not include mailboxes.
  • Hosting Free webhosting is not backed up by us. The backup can be created by each user by means of dedicated means.
  • Technical support for Free hosting is not available in 24/7 mode and reaction times can be longer than 24 hours (thank you for your understanding). You can find more information in the Support > Help section as well as at welcome email.

  • Total Space: 1GB
  • PHP Scripting
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • HTTPS traffic with own trusted certificate | Learn More
  • 1x 50 MB MySQL database
  • FTPS Access
  • Access data from anywhere via app webFTP
  • Web Administration Virtualmin – account creation, quota management, custom 404, redirects, PHP configuration, PHP version selection and more
  • Manually creating backups and recovering server
  • Cron Task Scheduling
  • View detailed server configuration – PHPinfo ();
  • We’re Open Source friendly!

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The service is set up within minutes of the order being sent!