VDS – Virtual dedicated servers

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Virtual dedicated Server (VDS) is the ideal choice where common shared hosting is no longer sufficient for performance and especially environment settings. With VDS you get your own server, over which you will have full control. Thus, control over all installed applications and packages and their configurations. Another big advantage of this solution is the configuration of HW parameters of the server (CPU, RAM, HDD) according to your requirements and their other possible change without any necessary physical interference to the server hardware. Our solution is based on the technology of the current leader in virtualization- VMware , which ensures the smooth running of all virtual servers and their maximum compatibility with physical and virtual hardware.

You do not have the experience of installing and administering Linux? We think so. We also offer VDS with pre-installed Webmin + Virtualmin panel. You receive an already installed and configured system with full Web administration. The Server is immediately ready for operation.

Fully configurable servers on the VMware ESX platform. Do not limit yourself to “Packages” .Configure your server according to your requirements.
Take advantage of our free 14-day service offer
  • Basic service parameters

      • Operating Systems: Linux Debian 9 / CentOS 7 (64 bit)
      • 14 days free trial to try
      • See “Parameter Calculator” for detailed server hardware configuration. Pay only for what you actually use.
      • You have server in your fully administration.

    Administration and access

          • Full root access via SSH
          • Access to VMware vSphere Web Client (reboots, ISO image connection, local console, monitoring)
          • VDS Panel – work with server via web interface (Webmin + Virtualmin)

    Technical parameters

          • Hardware virtualization on VMware ESX platform VMware ESX
          • Full support for high availability (HA) applications thanks to a full-featured ESX cluster
          • HP Proliant servers G10 and G9 certified servers with Intel Xeon processors
          • Backup storage in RAID 10 configuration
          • Connectivity: 10 Gbps
          • Colocation in the data center meeting the requirements of TIER III and IV categories see technical background

    Another services

      • Installation of VDS Panel (Webmin + Virtualmin) for easy and fast operation – free of charge
      • backup of virtual servers for 30 days (for the purpose of HW disaster recovery)
      • Complete server administration by our administrators (on request when ordering)
      • 24/7 technical support (email and telephone)
      • Nonstop monitoring – access to the ZABBIX monitoring application
      • Free migration assistance from another solution or server
  • vSphere Web Client

    For all VDSs we offer access to VMware vSphere Web Client from where you can make basic settings and administer the virtual server. With access to a virtual machine, many common tasks can be solved quickly and remotely. This way you can increase the availability of your applications and services.

    Possibilities of administration within access to VMware vSphere Web Client

    Server reboots

    Restart your server immediately if necessary.

    HW configuration

    Attach any ISO file or vhdx disk. Everything on your server.

    Local console

    Do you need to access the server without a network interface? For example, because of disk diagnostics or OS reinstallation? We also offer this option within VMware vSphere Web Client.

    > Learn more in our help

  • VDS Panel

    VDS Panel on Webmin + Virtualmin platform is a useful tool especially suitable for developers, freelancers or hosting providers who want to have full control over their services and projects and do not want to use third-party hosting services, which are often too binding. You do not need to be an administrator when using the VDS Panel, as you control the server using an intuitive web interface. With VDS Panel you control everything: virtual servers, mailboxes, databases, aliases, automatic backups, scheduled tasks and much more.

    3 reasons for VDS Panel

    VDS Panel offers four methods of controlling your server via the web, mobile phone, command line (SSH), or via the integrated API.


    Intuitive tool

    This service provides complete management of the entire server without knowing the administration of Linux servers. You simply get a tool to create or pause hosting with two mouse clicks.

    Hosting provider

    Provide services that you have previously provided for others. This eliminates the fragmentation of your services with other hosting providers. Thanks to consolidation you save and you can use the available funds to make your services more attractive and provide better services because – who knows your customers better than you?


    You can create your projects and orders directly on your server without any restrictions. Build All Apps the way you need it, and not to match the hosting provider’s server settings.

Test the service for 14 days completely free of charge!