Datacenter information

Datacentre Information

    • Address: TTC Teleport , Tiskarska 257/10, 108 00 Prague 10 – Malešice
  • Double power supply.
  • Oversized Air Conditioner.
  • 2 × 1 MW diesel engine.
  • Air filters.
  • N + 1 UPS.
  • Customers connectivity is provided by a fully redundant Cisco 120 Gbps network. Zikum offers customers dedicated CZ, SK and foreign connectivity.
Our parent datacenter is located on the TTC Teleport in Prague. We use Dell and SuperMicro branded servers in premium configurations with RAID 10, a backup power supply and two Intel Xeon physical CPUs for sufficiently oversized performance.
  • Customers can do physical work on the server at any hour.
  • Data center supervision provides server servicing and HW service for Server Housing and Dedicated Servers.

Network and connectivity

Client server connectivity is provided by a fully redundant Cisco network with a total capacity of 130+ Gbps.
The network has a circular topology, all routes are backed up in N + 1 mode. In case of failure of any element or optical route, the traffic is automatically redirected to backup routes within 10 seconds. The network is built on quality Cisco elements with regular testing. Network administrators monitor network availability.