SSL Certificates

List of SSL Certificates offered

Certifikační autorita Typy certifikátů Cena Objednat
Comodo Comodo EV, Comodo Essential, Comodo Instant, Essential Wildcard od 650.00 Kč Detail
Symantec Secure Site, Secure Site(EV) od 7890.00 Kč Detail
GeoTrust QuickSSL, Rapid SSL, BusinessID Wildcard od 560.00 Kč Detail
Thawte SSL 123 od 1390.00 Kč Detail
Let’s Encrypt Let’s Encrypt Domain Validated ZDARMA Detail

About SSL and certificates

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology developed to securely transfer data between a client and a server. As a client we can imagine, for example, a customer shopping in your online store. On the server side is your e-shop. Thanks to this technology, all data exchanged between these parties is secured so that no one else can read the data, even if communication is intercepted. SSL deployment is not limited to Web servers. Your mail or FTP server can be protected in the same way.

Why have a trusted SSL certificate?


By using a certificate from one of the certification authorities we offer, you will increase the credibility of your website many times and protect the data and privacy of your visitors. The most important feature of certificates from all trusted certification authorities is their complete compatibility with all browsers used today. A visitor to such secure pages will never be bothered by a certificate’s (in) credibility.


In addition, HTTPS (the encrypted version of HTTP) is now considered by many to be quite standard. For example, large search engines are starting to favor HTTPS sites in search results.

For this reason, we only offer trusted certificates from trusted authorities like GeoTrust, Symantec (powered by VeriSign), Thawte, and Comodo.

We also newly support certificates from Let’s Encrypt. These certificates are trusted in the vast majority of browsers used today. And what is the best? For every webhost you have this certificate automatically for free. For more information, see the detailed description of this certification authority and our help.

Can I use an SSL certificate purchased from ZIKUM elsewhere?


SSL certificates purchased from us can of course be used on any server or hosting that supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer).