Let’s Encrypt certificates

Certifikáty ThawteLet’s Encrypt is a new and very ambitious certification authority supported by technology giants like Mozilla, Cisco, Facebook and others. The goal is to establish the secure HTTPS protocol as a common standard, which has been considered as unencrypted HTTP. That’s why Let’s Encrypt certificates are issued completely free . Certificates signed by this authority are completely trusted in the vast majority of today’s browsers and support is constantly expanding.

ZIKUM as one of the first hosting in the Czech Republic brings you full support of this authority. For each hosting the customer automatically obtains its own certificate from this authority and thus the immediate possibility of hosting the web on HTTPS.

Let’s Encrypt Domain Validated

DV (Domain Validated) certificates valid for 90 days are supported. Certificates are automatically renewed before expiration, unless the customer requests revocation of the certificate, which is also free of charge.

Certificates for yourdomain.com and www.yourdomain.com are generated automatically. Certificates for other domain shapes can be generated on request. The condition for successful certificate generation is hosting hosting and directing DNS records to our servers.

Let’s Encrypt Domain Validated
New Renew
90 dní Free to web host Order Automatic for the duration of webhosting Order
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